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WSCA Unveils Premium Memberships

Thursday, June 1, 2017  

By: Jeff Curwen, CAE


After a lengthy research and development period, the WSCA is proud to announce its newest member benefit program – WSCA Premium Memberships.


Numerous members have asked for a graduated membership program that would provide certain added benefits to their experience with the association. So over the past year, the staff and board of directors explored all the options available and designed and tested two new membership levels.  The first is designed to enhance the benefits already available, and add a few more, too.  The second is designed to help you actively build your business.


The standard WSCA membership structure isn’t changing at all, and it will continue to be available to all DCs in Washington.  Just as a reminder, the benefits of a standard membership include: access to all WSCA events, 10% discount on all standard event prices, two free classified ads per year in Plexus and on our website, listing in the Find a Chiropractor section of our website, access to specials and discounts from our corporate partners available only to WSCA members, and the representation of a full-time lobbyist during the legislative sessions.  Members also receive a subscription to Plexus, and our weekly e-newsletters. Member DCs whose spouses are also DCs can join as standard members for 50% of the regular dues rate; and members who own a business that is also a Silver or Gold Corporate Partner get a 50% discount on their corporate partner dues.


The first premium membership is the Olympic Level, and it includes all of the same benefits as standard membership. But in addition to those benefits, Olympic Level members pay no registration fees for either the annual meeting and research symposium, or the annual conference and tradeshow.  For all other events, Olympic Level members receive a 15% discount, four complimentary Plexus ads per year, a special badge overlay on their WSCA profile picture, and placement in the new rotating Featured Member section of our website.  CAs and other staff members employed by Olympic Level members also receive a 15% discount for all WSCA events.


The second premium membership is the Rainier Level, and it includes all of the benefits as standard and Olympic Level membership, and more.  Rainier Level members pay no registration fees to attend either the annual meeting or the annual conference, and for all other events they receive a 20% discount.  Rainier Level members also receive six complimentary Plexus ads per year, a special badge overlay on their profile picture, placement in the rotating Featured Member section, and ranked search results in the Find a Chiropractor section.  This last benefit means that whenever a Rainier Level member would appear in that section’s search results, they are always listed first.  Also, like their Olympic Level counterparts, those employed by Rainier Level members receive a 20% discount on all WSCA events.

But what sets the Rainier Level membership apart from the other two membership options is something that is designed to actually grow your business.  This value-added benefit is professional social media management.


With this benefit, Rainier Level members will have original content generated daily and posted to their clinic’s Facebook page.  These posts will fall into five different categories: benefits of chiropractic; posture and alignment; profession/legislative news and studies; exercise, stretching, pain management, and injury prevention; and general health, nutrition, and wellness. All of this content will conform to the association’s established publication standards, both in terms of overall quality and dedication to evidence-based subject matter.  Moreover, it will be presented in such a way to promote direct engagement between you and those following your clinic. 


Many chiropractors pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for general, weekly posts that may or may not align with the focus of their practice, and others are struggle to create that content on their own.  Rainier Level members, on the other hand, will have specially curated and vetted content posted to their social media accounts every business day; and once they’re signed up, they don’t even have to lift a finger to do it. 


So how much will all of this cost?  Well, as the name suggests, premium memberships do come at a premium rate – but not quite as much as you would think.  Monthly rates are just $125 for Olympic Level and $175 for Rainier Level.  Both memberships can be purchased with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment plans. 


Obviously, an expansion of member benefits like this invites a number of questions, and the WSCA board and staff are ready answer them all.  These new membership levels will be available beginning July 1, 2017, but you can upgrade your membership now and have all these benefits activate on Day One! Feel free to contact the association office at 206.878.6055 or for more information or to sign up now. 




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